At Netmark Computer Academy, we provide state-of-the-art computer training. Our computer training programmes are completely hands-on and instructor led. We periodically review our curriculum to give our students a competitive edge and enable them realize their professional dreams.

Research has shown that over 99% of future jobs will require ICT skills. Netmark Computer Academy believe that in an ever changing and fast-paced corporate world, computer training training and development is an indispensable function. Computer training and development should be one of the highest things on the priority list of individuals, companies, and organizations.

We at Netmark Computer Academy, however, employ enormous value in organizing proper computer training and development sessions for individuals and corporate organizations. Training enables an individual to acquire new computer skills and knowledge, sharpen existing ones, perform better, increase productivity and be a better employee/leader.

Netmark Computer Academy offer the following personal and corporate computer/ICT training:
* Web Design & Development
* Computer Appreciation (Microsoft Office Suite + Internet)
* Graphics Design
* Computer Maintenance (Troubleshooting + Repair)
* Digital Marketing

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